A PBX, or private branch exchange, is a type of business phone system. It enables your business to make internal calls for free as well as transfer calls freely. With PBX, a company can have more phones than phone lines. Instead of actual lines, it uses extensions to redirect calls to the business number.

A EPABX is a “Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange”.

panasonic-ns300-ippbx-system Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange
nec-epabx-system Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange
matrix-eternity-me-ip-pbx-system Matrix eternity me ip pbx system
matrix-eternity-le-ip-pbx-system Matrix eternity le ip pbx system
matrix-eternity-pe-ip-pbx-system Matrix eternity pe ip pbx system
matrix-eternity-ge-ip-pbx-system Matrix eternity ge ip pbx system
matrix-eternity-ne-ip-pbx-system Matrix eternity ne ip pbx system
visionpro Visionpro